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STAR Voting: Mark Frohnmayer and Sara Wolk

A nationally growing presence, STAR Voting is an innovative Oregon-grown voting method for all types of elections. STAR stands for Score – Then – Automatic – Runoff, and that’s exactly how it works. STAR voting is aimed at reducing misrepresentative  and polarized election outcomes by: (1) leveling the playing field for candidates, and (2) giving voters the flexibility to vote with their heart. Equal Vote Coalition Founder Mark Frohnmayer and Executive Director Sara Wolk will introduce us to the possibilities STAR Voting has to offer, locally, regionally, and nationally.

STAR Voting
Saturday, February 13 
10 am – noon

Free and open to the public. Contact us for Zoom info.

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Featuring Wendy Cook and Leah Murray on AAUW, the 19th Centennial, Kappy Eaton, and a host of other fun tidbits. (28 mins.)

KXCR Interview

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