AAUW Eugene-Lane 2018-2019 Executive Board

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President Wendy J. Cook
Program Vice President/Program Committee Jill McCleary, Ardith Hinman (co-VPs)
Membership Vice President Claire Ragsdale
Finance Vice President Cindy Parker
Communications Vice President Elleen Levy
Recording Secretary Elena Rae

Appointed Board Officers

AAUW Funds (LAF/EF) Co-Chairs Ardith Hinman
Public Policy Charleen Justice, Kappy Eaton
Branch Fundraiser (open)

Member Chairs

Advertising Carol Hildebrand
Book Exchange Ellen Otani
Branch Brochure Wendy Cook
Bylaws Peggy Shippen
CHiPS Committee Peggy Shippen
C/U Liaison UofO Cindy Parker
Directory Carene Davis-Stitt
Financial Records Pat Zeller
Historian Marian Spath
Hospitality Jill McCleary
Looking Glass Outreach Board Members
Newsletter Carene Davis-Stitt
Nominating Committee Carol Hildebrand, Ardith Hinman
Reader Board Marian Spath
Website Manager Wendy Cook