What’s CHiPS?


CHiPS is a civics, history and political science advocacy and educational outreach program.

Our branch CHiPS committee has been very active this season continuing to support our existing Willamette High School Mock Trial program, as well as developing exciting new avenues of interest. A Civics Trek contest in conjunction with Girls Voices Matter was launched in early 2021. It is open to Lane County nonprofits and public high school students who identify as girls. "more" arrow

Rationale – Why We Need to be Educated About Civics:
If you don’t know your rights, you won’t know when they are taken from you. If you don’t know how your government is supposed to work, you won’t know when it isn’t working. If you don’t know how it is supposed to be maintained, it will break.

Who is it for?
CHiPS is for all public school students, with an emphasis on girls’ participation.

What does it offer? 
CHiPS provides knowledge of how our unique form of government works and the skills necessary to become effective and engaged citizens.

What is the purpose of the program?
CHiPS advocates for and supports citizenship education with an emphasis on encouraging girls to pursue careers in civics, history and political science.  Read our brochure.

What do we provide?

  • Instructional resources to increase hours of CHiPS education and proficiency in schools
  • Simulations that engage students in parliamentary procedure, debate and mock trials
  • Field trips that give students opportunities for action and increase girls’ awareness of CHiPS careers

How do we provide it?
The Eugene-Lane Branch provides CHiPS programs for schools:

  • AAUW members host CHiPS Tables at Social Studies Teachers’ Inservice
  • AAUW members speak to students in classes and clubs
  • AAUW members sponsor girls to participate in active-learning programs

How can schools  bring the program to their teachers?
Contact Cathy Meyer, Eugene-Lane CHiPS Chair:  use our contact form.